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I would first like to thank everyone of you, that follow and keep up with this Blog . It’s no way I would have cared to make it what it is without you all. With that said I been thinking of how to better keep in touch with you all and “Stay Connected”.  Our blogs are just another layer of ourselves, and I want to see the rest of the layers my friends. So I’m adding my other outlets here for you guys to add me and I so I can more importantly add you. I really want to build a deeper connection with our community and see more of what drives you guys and you’ll other passions. Also feel free to leave your infoe here if you can’t find and ill add you.

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The man that walks a savannah and Doberman pinscher



I was walking around the Baltimore Harbor, taking shots of mostly the seagulls and failing at it. They are pretty elusive and camera shy, it would have seen.  Anyway I was tracing the dock line of the harbor, till I saw a man walking not just his intimidating 155 pound doberman pinscher but a 12 pound half African savannah too. I really had to take a double take at what I was seeing…talk about an odd couple here. My first thoughts were how this guy got a cat to walk on a leash, second thoughts were about how other dogs would react to this. The man walking the 2 would later on give me my answers, the cat had been trained sine it was a kitten to be on a leash and the pinsher acts as a bodyguard for the cat. The man would go on to explain how he walks the half wild savannah often as he can, to make it use to other people and animals as possible. As a way of keeping it friendly and tame, which seemed to be paying off.


Your Worth


We all know how much we are worth in this world. We been told our whole lives about our place on this planet. Told that we’re too old, too slow, too skinny, too fat, too boring, not fun enough, not sexy enough or stupid and worthless all together. When we hear this all thorough out our lives we sadly sometimes start to believe it. Lets play a quick game for some money, a man made valued item. How many of you reading this would love a free Twenty dollar bill$? I’m sure a few of you would but with if I balled it up, now who still wants ? Now what if I took that same balled up twenty and throw it on the floor and stepped on it, who still wants it? I’m betting the number of you that said you would take it in the beginning would still take it now, why? ….because the value of that twenty never changed. You know well as I know that no matter what, it’s still a twenty dollar bill and it’s place and value in this world hasn’t changed one bit because it’s dirty and wrinkled. We sometimes get spit on, treated like trash and left behind, but it doesn’t change our worth. It doesn’t change our value in this world one bit. The only person that can change your worth is you. Remember just like that twenty dollar knows..Remember your worth and never forget it.

Attack Belly Fat!

Just about most of us have some type of unwanted fat on us and alot of the times it’s belly fat. Belly fat is very easy to gain but very hard to get ride of. First lets talk about the causes of belly fat, which are trans fats, saturated fats and even stress .

Foods with Trans and Saturated Fats to cut down on

-Trans fats are bad sugars such as
-Cakes, Cookies, Pies

-Saturated Fat Foods such as
-Frozen Foods
-Bacon (I’ll never give this up)
-Organ meats such as Liver, Kidneys
-Creams, cheese and whole milk


Lastly Stress! Yes Stress dose cause belly fat and this is why. Think of your body as a machine whose only function and purpose is to keep you alive. As smart as we have become from generation to generation, our brains still have old parts in it. Thousands of years ago the only reason a human would be stressing is shortage of food. Meaning when your stressing constantly your body starts storing and not burning sugars. Turning crabs to sugars and turning sugar into fat. Reason your stomach is its first choice is because it’s out of the way from daily fictions.

As you can see what you want and what your body wants sometimes are two different things. We have to somehow work together so we can better coexist. Now some people might always stress but maybe they are eating right all the time to counter balance or just have good genes but that’s about less than 10% of the population.

  Another thing you don’t want to do is skip meals or not eat, to lose weight because your also training your body to store fat and not burn it as well. Your body doesn’t see food coming in to burn so it goes in starvation mode and stores fats.

Things You want to eat to ATTACK BELLY FAT and keep you healthy!!!

AA026294Organic Fruits and Nuts are full of fatty acids, omega 3′s and dietary fibers.

Foods Like
-Organic unroasted and unsalted nuts
-Organic berries (kills insulin which leads to fat storage)
-Free range chicken eggs (Tons of Fatty acids to burn fat)
-Salmon and Turkey


Can’t stress enough how helpful water is for you, drink it as much as you can even if it’s a glass a day.

The secret to a healthy life and diet is balance and moderation. I am not at all saying give up the foods that are good and delicious but its a way to have it all. Like a lot of things in life food included if it looks to good to be true its bad for you. Try cutting down on bad saturated foods and add more fat killers and you will be well on your way to getting closer to your personal goal. Remember to go at your own pace and your not in a race with anyone.

The Kids we Left Behind


Remember when you were young and full of hope. Before you knew or realized any type of limitation or doubt within yourself. Think back to what you wanted to be and what you wanted to do with your life. As kids when we’re seeing this world for the first time we’re full of hope and have no fear of failure till we start getting older. We feel the opening for our dreams gets smaller and smaller. In reality we are the ones that control how long it stays open. The only ones standing in our way is ourselves. Maybe we need to dig into our souls for the kid that used to live their and borrow their courage and strength and remember that we can still do and be anything we want.

The Lost


The Lost
Sometimes we get to a point in our lives when we forget who we are, and what we used to stand for. People try to change us and the world try to break us, and in this period we can become lost. To the point where we can’t even begin to recognize the person staring us back in the mirror anymore. Small changes we started to make for success, relationships, friends or just to feel more liked by society. Putting us at a turning point to ether find the person we locked away or continue life in the body of a stranger. Loosing bad traits such as anger, hate, greed or doubt to become a better person, is something you can live longer and stronger without. Loosing the best parts of what makes you, you is something you might never find again.

Copy Right Laws and the Risks of Posting other Peoples Photos

In this post I will answer the following questions and more.
-What are the laws?
-What pictures are protected by copyright laws?
-What are fair use pictures?
-What are the consequences of Re-posting someone else Photos

Being a blogger we all as a community write about any and everything, and more than likely learn from each other. When I myself started I learned from my wife and friends on what I could and could not do. Here are some mistakes that they have done and went through and what could happen to you.

Every day we see post with picture on them, some posted by the owners and some not.
-Some with sources and credits and some not.

3 weeks ago my friend who writes about buildings in city life got a letter from the Photographer of a picture he had used on his blog. That he had found on Google image in the search menu. The Photographer was less than happy to see her work on his page without her permission and told him to take it down now. Which is did in right after reading her email. But it doesn’t end there. She later went on to Sue him for damages for the posting of her work. He is still in the middle of this legal matter and this is what he has learned. When he told me this, my jaw just dropped and I myself started going through my own blog with a fine tooth comb making sure I wasn’t breaking any laws without knowing.

Here is what we learned from this

-It doesn’t matter if you site or source the photo
-didn’t know what you was doing was wrong
-that you didn’t make money off of it
-that you didn’t clam the photo as your own
-if you have a disclaimer on your blog
-Or if you have taken down the photo after the photographer asked you

Basically if you did not get permission from the Photographer themselves, to use their work. You are in the wrong and can get Sued. You have to have ether permission to from the source to use their work or get it from a copyright free/public domain site. Having someone else photos on your blog without permission is basically having a ticking time-bomb ready to blow at any giving time.

I know as bloggers we see other bloggers using others peoples photos every day and think it’s okay because “everyone else is doing it, can’t be wrong!” but it is. Not only that it’s not worth getting Sued over. Photographers make their living off of their photos and have it pretty rough. Most photographers would gladly let us use some of the photos if we just ask. It’s the not asking part that angers them the most and I get why. To use we may see it as giving free advertising for the photographer but if that photographer already sold the right to that photo you are using, it comes back at them for the damages sometimes.

Even more scary are the companies using these laws for profit by purposely buying rights to photos and hopes that someone else using them so they can Sue them. They have high price lawyers and the law on their side and they will win.


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